My husband and I have just finished our sessions with Austin and it was the best thing we ever did. We would not be together now if it wasn’t for Austin teaching us how to communicate again and be on equal ground. Instead of ‘You always..’ we have learnt to say ‘I feel..’
Instead of pointing the blame, I have learnt how to expect that I was causing some of it and my actions played a part in escalating these issues instead of defusing them. Through conversations in the safe environment that Austin created we were able to discuss this freely and both let each other know how the other one was feeling without it blowing up in to something which meant we wouldn’t talk for a few days and be left feeling angry and hurt.
I personally feel like I have matured as a grown up since my sessions with Austin and I have not only applied this to my marriage but also to my work and personal life. I have learnt to listen more and this has made me a better person. This is all thanks to Austin.
— Sophie - Hertfordshire
After a major part of my life stated to unravel the other issues from my past, that I thought I’d long buried, came crashing in behind. I found it very difficult to cope and didn’t know who to turn to or how to deal with the situation I found myself in.
Austin was great from the start in creating a safe and comfortable environment to discuss and look at each issue, both present and past. Over time he guided and helped me visit and understand what had happened and why I had felt the way I had.
From my own cynical and difficult start I ended up really enjoying finding out who I was and exploring aspects of my past that I had found too difficult and painful to deal with. Austin’s knowledge, experience and understanding manner helped guide me through my difficult journey in a very safe, secure and comfortable place and his suggested exercises and reading also added to help the growth and healing of my past younger self.
I would and have highly recommended Austin. He was a great help and support enabling me to move on in my present life as well as heal those painful aspects of my past.
— AD - London
As you know we have just completed seven months of therapy which has been extremely beneficial to me.
When we met I had been going through a very painful period of my life and finding it really difficult to cope, yet you made me feel at ease straightaway. During the sessions we spent together you gently questioned me to discover the root causes of my emotional problems and I didn’t at any time feel uncomfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with you.
You gave me a great insight into the inner workings of my mind and why I would react so badly to sometimes seemingly harmless comments or actions of others. You taught me some great techniques which I employed and I have had really positive results.
You have definitely given me a new perspective on ideas and beliefs that were previously causing me (and my wife) so much pain. I genuinely feel so much more at ease with myself and more confident of my own self-worth. My relationship with my wife is now so much more spontaneous and playful instead of feeling so insecure. My own happiness lies within.
I am truly grateful.
— GF - Hertfordshire
I’ve been suffering with really tight hamstrings recently from taking up running and when I was presented with the opportunity to have them massaged by Alex I took it without question.
Hamstrings were the focus but Alex was conscious to ensure she worked on all of my ‘running’ legs and glutes which I hadn’t actually realised were equally tight and the relief was immediate as I hopped off the massage table and touched my toes without the tight restrictive pain.
I will ensure more stretching to prolong the relief and ensure I return when things tighten up again, thanks Alex!
— MF - Hertfordshire
I have just enjoyed the most relaxing Indian head massage given by Alex. I suffer badly with tension in the neck, which had been causing me headaches. Thankfully with the skill of Alex the tension was released and I experienced the best night sleep.
The interior and the ambience of the room was absolutely spot on and I’ll definitely be returning!
— LB - London