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Austin and Alex have a shared passion for travel. Having met in India whilst exploring the beauty and spiritual nature of the country, they found a mutual love of health and wellbeing and continued their journey through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia spending time with the locals and soaking up the rich cultures and foods of the countries. They have continued to travel when they can with Central and South America next on the hit list.


I started my love of travelling back in 1996 when I went to a Kibbutz in Israel for a month followed by a couple of months travelling in Egypt. Since then I have visited many different countries and in the last 4 years I’ve taken up surfing – I love being in and around the water but I’m not going to be winning medals any time soon!

Having initially studied both reiki and massage in the early 2000’s I went on to have a gardening business and then to working in an office environment but I was always dipping back in and out of the holistic techniques and eventually came full circle back to doing what I really enjoy. I love the calmness and relaxation that massage and reiki can provide both to the client and to myself. There’s nothing better than seeing the stress relief in someone after a session.


My passion for travel has been with me since inter-railing around Europe in 1992, however back then health and wellbeing were not top of my priorities. Since I entered into recovery in 2004 I have gained a deeper understanding of spiritual living and enjoy a more altruistic lifestyle. My career has changed and so have the ideas and motives I had for many years. My true happiness comes from working with others to improve and achieve inner peace and having a partner who loves to travel, explore and live a peaceful life. I am embracing midlife with open arms and hope to continue learning and teaching.

The warmer climates, sandy beaches and gentle waves are attractive but my favourite place in the world so far is a park in the corner of the old city in Chiang Mai Thailand… it has everything!


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Cancellation Policy

At Peckham Therapies, we understand that unexpected events occur and cannot be avoided. We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to provide 24 hours’ notice and we cannot fill your slot, we will take the full amount. Should we be able to fill the time we will make a full refund to you.

If there is an emergency situation, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can treat your situation individually.  


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